Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened (Long Version)

Absolute timeless brilliance here from Australian three-piece Severed Heads, originally released in 1984

(Amusing) Wikipedia fact: The band's name change to Severed Heads, from Mr. & Mrs. No Smoking Sign, was meant, in part, as a joke. Tom Ellard: "...We were called Mr. & Mrs. No Smoking Sign, because that was really ugly. Then, we wanted to fool people that we were Industrial and it worked. Severed Heads was a really dumb name, so that’s what stuck. Forever. I hate it by the way."

That's the spirit. That aside, this is the sort of amazing record that makes time stop still, take 6.28 out of your day and let that happen.

Nora Dean - Peace Begins Within

Taken from the Nora Dean website:

"Singer Nora Dean is one of reggae’s greatest mysteries. She recorded solo, as well as a member of The Ebony SistersThe Soul Sisters and The Soulettes. She did backing vocals on recordings by Jimmy Cliff. Although she was not a prolific artist (especially by reggae standards), a number of her songs are very fondly remembered by fans of Jamaican music as true reggae classics. This is because Nora Dean brought something extra to her best songs, making them unusual and endlessly enjoyable. And yet, there is little biographical information about her anywhere. No interviews with her have ever been published. Photos seemed to be non-existent. Go through every reggae book, documentary, and liner note of the dozens of compilations her classic tracks appear on; you’ll learn that Nora Dean was born in 1952, and nothing more. Google until the search results are exhausted and, all you’ll learn is how many people share her name. 

Somehow, the mystery is fitting for such an unusual singer."

The Audiophile Club of Athens

Here's a great short-film showing the lengths (and costs!) that this particular group of Greek audiophile obsessives have gone to to create the perfect sound. It's an area we're naturally interested in at Amateurism, but also incredibly wary of - largely down to the fact that you could easily end up spending an absolute fortune on your quest for the ultimate system - just like this club of passionate gentlemen prove.

Not only fascinating - and amusing - this is audio porn.

Big thanks to Jamie for sharing! Enjoy.