Willy Berner - Soap & Singing

This one's suitably upbeat and playful for a Friday afternoon... it's not going to win any awards, or be upfront in many DJ's boxes, but it's got an infectious fun quality that we're finding hard to ignore.

Philadelphia's Willy Berner is actually the editor and not the originator in this case... where he unearthed this original "gem" from we will have to keep wondering. One to file under the (perhaps for good reason) rarely trodden path of Baleric-Italo-Reggae.

Close your eyes and imagine you're on a lilo in 1983.

La Femme - It's Time To Wake Up (2023)

Brought to the table by the prince of lifestyle, the one they call Gilbey, I have to admit that this band is completely new to me - not a bad thing!

Ever since hearing it, it's been on repeat and there's just something special about the powerful swirling production, combined with the effortlessly cool French vocals that sounds even better in the glorious sunshine we're currently enjoying in London.

Turn up your radio, this one is a winner.

Ptaki - Krystyna

There's something inherently exciting about discovering great music that comes from far away lands - especially when the music and the location seems so unlikely.

And right here we have sun-drenched Balearic beautifulness from... er, Poland.

Coming via The Very Polish Cut Outs collective, this is just straight up summer on a record, and if we weren't to know, it could quite easily be the brilliant Mark E on the edit. Instead though, it's an artist called Ptaki and although we're not 100% what the original is, we're about to get digging now.

You can buy your own copy right HERE

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