DOWNLOAD: Pro-Am 6 // Cosmic Metal Mother

We'd like to say that our supposed "quarterly" and "seasonal" Pro-Am mix series is only delivering the Autumn 2012 mix now as we're continuously more aware of the threat of global warming and the changing of seasonal boundaries in 2012.

BUT, that would be ignoring the simple fact that this mix was in fact meant to drop last month, and if it wasn't for those pesky kids who control our domain name*, we would have got away with it.

*Amateurism was closed temporarily for a few weeks recently due to boring stuff about web addresses. Luckily it was all resolved though.

AND, because of this, this really should be a "Winter 2012" mix, but we've already had one of those in February... And who really cares what it's called anyway, our most-excellently named Pro-Am guest (and just-as-excellently talented) COSMIC METAL MOTHER is what it's all about anyway.

Introduced to us by Matthew Styles, who mixed our Pro-Am Summer 2012 mix, Mr Mother, aka Paolo Di Nola, is an Italian cosmonaut record collector/DJ/producer/party promoter extraordinaire. With deep routes in New York and Berlin, and known for his style of slo-mo psychedelic house, we're absolutely delighted to welcome the Panacustica label boss to join the Amateurism club.

Turn off your mind, relax, and float down stream.

Enjoy x

Pro-Am 6 // Cosmic Metal Mother - Autumn 2012 by Amateurism