Well, not quite, but you may actually think this is even better than radio, as you won't have to listen to any chatter! It's all about the music with us.

The truth is, we've always been torn at Amateurism, we love music and want to share our favourite new finds with you all, but we also really value records and the people that have worked so hard to make them so special. Because of that we've never given away any music as a free download (unless it was approved by the label/artist/publisher) and therefore have always used YouTube as our platform for sharing sounds - we like to think that if we share, some of you (like us) will actually buy the music you like, hence the links to buy for each post we do.

But, we're also aware that some of you have been saying for a while that you'd love to be able to listen to Amateurism without having to click on individual YouTube links every time... Well, we are now very pleased to say that you'll now be able to do just this, as we'll now be using Spotify to host our very own AMATEURISM RADIO.

The format for these playlists will be very simple:

- We will carefully select 10 of the "VIBES" we post in each month and create a playlist designed to listen to from start to finish. This will hopefully mean that it won't feel like an 'iPod Shuffle' experience... more of a considered selection, if you will.

- There will always be a 'Latest' playlist, which will be 10-tracks from the previous month. On the first day of each month, we will post a new playlist.

- We will also have grouped playlists for previous months, put together in 30-track (3-month) playlists -  all striving to have that same flow that we've already mentioned - and we will also soon have a master playlist that you can subscribe to that will updated every month and feature every track we put on Amateurism Radio.

- Worth noting: You can subscribe to these playlists if you already use Spotify, or you can simple play them directly from the site if you'd prefer - see the new side panel on the right hand side. You have to be a Spotify user to stream from the site.

See below (or click on the links) for both the latest playlist for April (starting with Deep Purple) and a 30-track playlist covering January-March 2012

2011's selections will be coming soon!

Enjoy x