Balearic Island Discs - 14
Name: Rupert Leigh

"Fun-seeker, mischief-master, raconteur-extraordinaire... just some of the many titles I could bestow upon my good friend Mr Leigh. A man who balances a strong creative vision with an eccentric twist, Rupert is one of the few people I know who is truly focussed on living the dream. Dream-liver. There's another one."

Occupation: Owner of APN (A Public Nuisance)

Most useful Spanish phrase: "Donde" (If in doubt, say this with a smile, turn on your heel and wave - it confuses the shit out of anyone)

All-time favourite party experience in Ibiza: Any night i've experienced on the Space terrace has always been special. One such episode involved drinking "TA's" (Tequila & Absinth), pulling two Brazilian girls and later finding out one of them was an ex-dude! I think we'll leave that one there...

Favourite place to chill in the Balearics: Parque Nacional del Archipiélago de Cabrera. Bumbling around there with no plan, just walking with a notebook and pencil... I actually came up with some idea's there circa 97/98 that i'm currently putting into action.

If stranded in the Balearics for the rest of my life I would... Skate. The roads suck (so many pot holes!), but what good roads there are, I'd skate most days. Just cruising around on my 44" board and listening to the APN Summer 2011 mix by Leo The Amateur himself - it nailed the idea of summer and where I was at the time.

My luxury item would be... A pot of my fathers Honey, it's everything that reminds me of the simple shit growing up... that, and being stung in the eye as a kid and using the honey to extract the sting out.

The book i'd take would be... Flashman by George MacDonald Fraser. He was a character taken out of Tom Brown's Schooldays; a total bounder, cad, coward, lying bastard and a womaniser - not all of those are great traits!

My 8 Balearic Island Discs:

1. The Beloved - The Sun Rising // Buy
2. Sunscreem - Perfect Motion (Boys Own remix) // Buy
3. Way Out West - The Gift // Buy
4. Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea // Buy
5. Pete Heller - Big Love // Buy
6. Underworld - Rez // Buy
7. Lemon Interupt - Dirty // Buy
8. Doi-Oing - Blue // Buy