Glastonbury 2015… A personal moment of gratitude.

For someone my age (30), it may seem like a naive overstatement to claim that Glastonbury festival has become indented into my DNA and is more important than any birthday or Christmas - but that’s how it feels to me, and that’s why for the past 10 years i’ve travelled to Worthy farm with the aim to both enjoy myself, but also to contribute and give something back. This year marked the 13th consecutive year i’ve been to the festival - not far off half my life - and the 14th year in total if you count the life changing experience I had aged 9 in 1994 when my parents surprised me by bundling me into the car last minute…

“Life changing” sounds a bit heavy, man. But, in some degree it does always seem to do that for me - very often for the better of course, but also sometimes it can be challenging. That said, I always respect the times when things don’t go so to plan, and with so much care and effort put into it, I guess it is inevitable that such times can and do happen. Fortunately, this year was largely an incredible high of positivity.

Once again my week (yes, week) was navigated around great friends, family and DJ sets - with live performances coming almost in third place to food, which seems very odd to say, i’m sure it’s particularly odd for any music lover reading this that couldn’t attend. But, it’s true. And without actually reviewing the festival (no one really wants to read that, and I don't really want to write it), I just wanted to shine a light on the special people and areas that made Glastonbury 2015 for me.


First of all to Carl - thank you. Of all the Heavenly guys, it was Danny that I had the pleasure of hanging out with the most, bumping into him in the wee hours and smuggling him back to sit outside our tent to enjoy the view, chat, etc. A nice moment. Also, Jeff played an absolute blinding set at The Crow’s Nest on Thursday night too - and yes, my friend, I do believe in magic.

I have such respect for everything these guys and their extended network continue to build and deliver each and every year - they deserve all the accolades and more. It’s a pleasure to know you guys.


This was once THE area that you’d bump into everyone, and now, with most of the music industry and pop stars located up at The Park, few people make an effort anymore - which I just find a real shame. This is located behind THE PYRAMID STAGE. Yes, the big one with the pointy top. The MAIN stage.

Forgetting any negative murmurs that were overheard, I just want to say how much I love playing records and contributing to Lulu’s cafe back there. Lulu is part of the fabric of Glastonbury, on Sunday morning she recalled tails of what certain areas were like 25-30 years ago, and how much she’s seen the place change over that time. It’s people like her that keep the heart and spirit beating of Glastonbury and that should never been underestimated or forgotten.

People say that it’s not what it used to be, and that perhaps DJing there can be a bit flat - I can only say that playing records there alongside two of my favourite people (Rob and Barny) was anything but. People loved our music and we had the best of times.

“How do I get a list of every single record you’ve just played?”


Huge, huge respect to the venue, programming and all round welcoming vibe that Nick, Louis and Giles have created. First off, I should say that I know there are a number of other key people that make this happen - but it’s these three that I had direct contact with.


I love the fact that this is arguably the most exciting party spot in the whole festival now - the standard of DJs is just incredible - and that it’s located where it is (between the Pyramid and John Peel).

I hope we didn’t outstay our welcome and I hope we weren’t too wild - I can only say thank you, and I look forward to representing on the dance floor next year.


Tony Crean, Stephen Bass, Pete Fowler, Thommo and all the kind people involved.

On a personal level, I am forever grateful and look forward to getting to know you all better in future years. 

On a respect level, what you’ve created at the top of the festival is somewhere very very special indeed. A nest full of good eggs. You know this, loads of other people know this, and I now know this. 

What a beautiful thing.


I’m lucky to have so many friends and family that I care about at Glastonbury that it’s almost impossible to name everyone, so i’m not going to try - but you all know who you are.

That said, I will say a very special thank you to Ailsa, Ben, Louis, Michelle, Hugh, Katie, Max, Sophie, Tori, Alison, Leo, Eliza, Merf, Annecka, Nancy, Tom, Roland, Danielle, Jean, Kat, Nic, Cazza, Shaun, Chloe, Rob, The Peanuts, The Waite’s, Rupert, Roxy, Mum, Dad, Felix, Cleo, Sam, Mary-Anne, Martin, Cassie, Malcolm and my totally gorgeous and lovely wife - Funtime Frankie.