Mix: BlackBeauty & PolishBoobies Presents Dub N Fire

Step up the Upstepper! The latest mix from my good friend Greg is 1 hour 31 minutes and 33 seconds you all need in your life.

An amateur is the purest sense - "a lover of" - and... a proper selecta to boot.

This was recorded as a pre-carnival warm up, but what with that being a wash out, and the warm weather now sneaking back in - this is sounding just as good post-carnival.

Greg knows.

In his own words: "Nother amaze collection of ruff spanning the last 50 years of Jamaica & UK Reggae, Scar & Soca.

Visiting old friends with forgotten vinyl collections, dusting off the wax & rekindling the love. After all these years, I can't say I have a favourite sub genre, so here's a collection of all the greats, covering the delights of the early 70's recordings from Reggae's youngest recording artist Errol Dunkly (14 years old), along with The Maytones & Pioneers, all offering the original 70's Kingston Sound. From the same era, I've included The Black Eagles for a slightly funkier edge. Loads from the 80's London Reggae hay day with Big Youth, Aswad, I Roy & Alton Ellis. Classic Scar from the Maytails and my favourite 'bonkers' Prince Buster (there is no madder!). Some unusual 90's Dance Hall contributions from Sly Dunbar & Ini Kamoze. The obligatory tough Dub cuts are in there too, paying homage to the great Lee Perry & King Tubby, both at their peek when recording the included 'Upsetting Station' and 'Ethiopian'. And bringing us right up to the naughties with Derrick Laro & Trinity's version of 'Don't Stop'.

All these spicy sounds have been added to the Greggae Soup with gratings of tangy, recognisable samples. Even a sprinkle of Public Enemy hidden behind the reverb.

A pre-carnival turnitup moment – I hope you love it as much as I loved mixing it?

Special respek to Black Beauty & The Polish Boobies (Big Jen & Me Juli) - AdamF - Anika - Icle Pete - Crissy - Chris Sulls - Ellie - Lil Kim - Lucia - Dorine – Yardi - all the Grove, Green, Commons & Avenues music lovers."