Andrew Weatherall talking to Emma Warren

Check this out… Such a rare treat to be able to enjoy an extended conversation with the wonderful Andrew Weatherall – it’s always a pleasure to get further insight into the methods and wisdom, both in life and music. He himself being a rare treat of a man.

Emma Warren is also a lovely person and a talented journalist with a first-class open-minded approach to music – a perfect candidate to put questions to the big man.

May we commend you on an impressive new beard accessory too Andrew. Amateurism salutes you sir.

Ed Cartwright’s “Definition of Amateurism” #2

We return with Ed’s “Definition of Amateurism”, a feature on the site where Ed’s selection combines vibes, obscurity and the purest sense of amateurism, whether in the recording, the video, the artist or all those things. This ticks all those boxes.

Respect to Mr Cartwright.

A lesson in dancing

We like to specialise in music you can move to, so here’s a couple of helpful clips to point you in the direction of exactly how one should be moving on the dancefloor.

Step up the original, the innovator, the Godfather, Mr James Brown:

Up next we have this special clip, as the Godfather hands over the baton to the King in 1983.

James Brown started the party, but Michael Jackson definitely finished it:

And just to prove that Americans will always be better dancers, here’s a young pre-superstar DJ Sven Väth, with some very fruity moves. Certainly impressive, but nowhere near as cool:

Weatherall talking about drugs

One of our favourite stories from the great man. He needs more platforms to tell his weird and wonderful stories – we’d love to read the Andrew Weatherall autobiography one day, however unlikely that is to happen, we can only hope.

Everlasting respect to The Major.

The wise words of Jonny Rock

Count me in for the summer breeze
As u know will be over quick and yet again winter will freeze
I shall try to present the toner
So when u close your eyes and listen… you get a boner
No boundaries shall be my boundary
Pure emotion shall be my escape
Amateurism is a form of art
Last name Simpson first name Bart

This was his original response when we asked our furry freak brother to do a Pro-Am mix for us